Archives for March 2014

Red Velvet Arrives in Brooklyn

The original design used the architecture of the Tricycle, painting the existing pros gold and distressing the plaster walls to make it feel like we were in an empty theatre space in which the actors used the minimum of props to create the different … [Read more...]

Those student days

Plans are afoot for a reunion of those involved in Student theatre at Cambridge in the mid eighties. Looking back it was an extraordinary privilege to be able to experiment, play and think you knew it all without any real professional input. It is … [Read more...]

Back to Macbeth

Very strange to be reviving a show from 2005, but it has been great to just see the floor run of Macbeth at Scottish Opera. The set has survived a long incarceration in a container store in Glasgow( a fab location one day for  site specific piece). … [Read more...]

Big Meal

It seems a long time coming but this is Michael's first production since leaving the RSC. It is contemporary American , covering the sixty year span of a family's life in ninety minutes and whizzing through the generations as pairs of actors of each … [Read more...]

Antony and Cleopatra goes Public

The final leg of the leg of the RSC/Gable Stage/ Public Theatre collaboration is now open in New York in the intimate Anspacher Theatre. A return to the thrust format we began with in Stratford but on  a smaller scale. The room is one of the old … [Read more...]