Archives for May 2014

Carmen in Cuba

Back from a great trip to Cuba to help set up for a workshop production of Carmen Jones directed by Chris Renshaw, who directed Zorro. What began as Sykpe calls and sketches hastily executed during the Tec of Libertine for help over how to create a … [Read more...]

Five a day

Just had one of those days when every meeting is on a different show, so what with Bakersfield Mist in previews at the Duchess, i met the conductor of Orpheo, to be staged at the roundhouse in partnership with the ROH  and directed by Michael Boyd, … [Read more...]

Licentious Libertine

It has been great fun working on this play , production meetings discussing flying dildos and a chance to really play with theatrical design using screens and flown cloths but fully exposed in the glorious industrial decay of the empty Citz stage. … [Read more...]