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Macbeth - Tron Theatre Glasgow 1993 Directed by Michael Boyd

Macbeth - Tron Theatre Glasgow 1993 Directed by Michael Boyd

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I did once have the ambition to write a book on design so maybe this will be a way in and I can feed in some of my ramblings. Certainly it has been interesting assembling the range of work I have created since beginning a professional career in 1990. I first collaborated with many the directors I am still working with in the 90s, especially Michael Boyd at the RSC, and it is interesting to take stock of how these relationships have developed. I am still rather amazed that Michael wanted to carry on with me after our early panto try outs at the Tron in Glasgow. Then again if you can conquer the rules of panto then anything is possible.

I still remember the answer machine message when he asked me to design Macbeth, ‘think of Duncan as God , Macbeth as a fallen angel, Malcolm tempted in the wilderness of England like Christ and the Macduff children out of time haunting the childless Macbeth. Some of these themes we re-examined in the reopening production of the RST in 2011, Michael has always returned to pieces , never happy always prepared to develop and change.

I suppose my approach in the theatre has always been quite hands on and I do get bored in tecs if I cant do a bit of painting or bodging with Gaffa tape. I am reminded of the debate stirrred by Hockney verus Hirst about how the hand of the artist should be present to make the marks, does this apply in theatre.

It seems to me that theatre design is becoming increasingly an intellectual pursuit. My sketch books end up full of lists and notes, other people make the bulk of the models, CAD means it is all drawn on computer although I still do stuff in pencil, carpenters build the sets , painters paint it. so where is the hand of the theatre artist or does that matter it is the ideas that count?


  1. Helen Millar says

    G if you can find the time in your hectic life. The book will come later.reat, Tom Please keep writing

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