Richard III (2011) and BAM

Richard III finally closed after a sold out run at the Old Vic, extensive world tour, which sadly i didnt get to go on but the actors had a great time ! and then a run in one of my favourite theatres the Harvey at BAM in Brooklyn NY. The theatre was rediscovered by Peter Brook to stage the Mahabarata, and lovingly preserved in all its decay by Chloe Obolensky, whom i assisted in 1990 at the Bouffes du Nord, which Peter also rediscovered. Both spaces were treated as giant abstract canvases by Chloe, while working with her at the Bouffes we spent a month with a team of painters refining and enhancing what was already there, so in a sense neither of these theatres are pure found spaces, there has been a very controlling eye on the whole look and feel of them.

tec of Richard III at BAM

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