I was delighted to hear about the MBE and I am extremely proud of the part I have played in this unique collaboration with Paul Cummins. I am especially grateful to all the many thousands of people who have been part of it – particularly John Brown, Deborah Shaw and Julian Cree at the Tower of London, all the yeomen wardens and especially Jim. Everyone at TR2 in Plymouth ,who built the structures of The Weeping Window and The Wave. Phil Supple who lit it so beautifully.Lily Arnold and Emma Bailey who assisted me in the development and installation of the project. I would also like to say a huge thank you to all the inspiring volunteers and their dedicated team leaders. It has been a real privilege to co-create an artwork which has meant so much to so many people.


  1. Huge congratulations – so thrilled for you, and so well deserved. A truly magnificent work of art in the poppies, profound, moving, beautiful – and such a joy to be able to trace connections through to the other works of art I’ve seen up close and personal in the theatre.
    Alison xx

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