A challenge to work on a new version of this Mary Shelly classic adapted by Selma Dimitrijevic , especially when it is paired with a reworking of Hedda Gabler. Northern Stage, under the direction of Lorne Campbell have asked me to create a single adaptable environment , so the two plays can function in rep cross cast. Although an unusual pairing, it all begins to make sense and create connections as scientist Victor Frankenstein  is recast as Victoria; a young gifted intellectual woman facing the challenge of pursuing her ideas in a patriachial world in which women are not meant to focus on their careers at the expense of domestic duties. In a different way Hedda explores a brilliant mind trapped in the stifling conventions of small town etiquette, a loveless marriage and frustrated idealism.

I have created  two way mirror box units, which can be moved to make a closed or an open space, to give a sense of enclosure or fragmentation depending on how they are arranged on stage. The distortions, although not initially what i expected, caused by the warping of the mirror as it warmed up( the Scenic carpenters were making the set in a barely heated workshop, and as we want to be able to exploit the different possibilities of the two way mirror it had to be held on open frames) have been really interesting and give great reflections in Lizzie Powell’s lighting. So a bold and abstract space, but also i hope mysterious with the potential to be a bit scary !!

Frankenstein ,Northern Stage 2017

Frankenstein ,Northern Stage 2017


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