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The King’s Speech

This is an interesting prospect; a play that was written as a play with scenes intercutting like a film, became a film and we are now doing it as a play again. The audience will have the visual style of the film strongly embedded in their minds and … [Read more...]

Lyre Liar

I had an interesting discussion with the harpist Siobhan Armstrong from the Early Opera Company Orchestra on Orfeo at the Roundhouse. I went over to congratulate her after a stage and orchestra run as her playing during the scene where Orfeo subdues … [Read more...]


Rehearsals begin on Monday for Polly Teale's adaptation of the classic fairytale for Shared Experience.It opens in March in Nottingham. More later on the process as rehearsals develop. … [Read more...]

What makes us human ?

Just been on BBC2 Jeremy Vine discussing the value of collaboration , imagination and Humanism ! podcast available to download. WHAT MAKES US HUMAN? I work primarily in theatre where a group of people come together to make a play and share this … [Read more...]

Orfeo Live stream

I was very pleased with the way our production translated to the screen, its available here on BBC to watch for the next 6 months.   … [Read more...]


In tech now in a familiar space but with new challenges. I have worked in the Roundhouse several times from grubby pre redevelopment days with Oh what a Lovely war and then an RSC Tempest, and then several more times with the RSC with our purpose … [Read more...]

2014 reflections

Please forgive a bit of introspection but 2014 has been quite a year, which has ended on a very public high note. It has been a wonderful year for collaborations both old and new and i just wanted to remember some of the many projects I am proud of, … [Read more...]


I was delighted to hear about the MBE and I am extremely proud of the part I have played in this unique collaboration with Paul Cummins. I am especially grateful to all the many thousands of people who have been part of it - particularly John Brown, … [Read more...]