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A fool in the Gorbals

I have been up in Glasgow for a few days working on King Lear, directed by Dominic Hill  at the Citz. the world of the play seems to be settling into an urban slightly Eastern European gangster feel in which Lear's privilege seperates him from the … [Read more...]

Roger Watkins Histories actor and Photographer

As well as acting in the eight play cycle of the RSC histories, see reviews in the telegraph Roger took a series of wonderful photographs.Check in the gallery section under Histories. photo Katie Stephens as Margaret in Richard III … [Read more...]

In tec for Vera,Vera,Vera

 Day one of the tec with my set from Goodbye to All That stripped back to weathered ply and the carpet around the edge replaced with grass. There is  a great smell in the theatre which hopefully evokes the playing fields around Sittingbourne that i … [Read more...]


I met with Ultz to discuss our upcoming talk ( 6 pm 14th march free !) and it seemed we shared a nervousness of the images of design for their own sake, which is a bit rich when i have just launched a website , but i have always had an uneasy feeling … [Read more...]

Ellie Kurttz

just to say that many of the pictures here of RSC shows are by Ellie Kurttz, a wonderful Brazilian Photographer who i hope will  be producing a book of her photos from the last ten years with the RSC. … [Read more...]

Talk with Ultz

On march 14th 6pm i will be in Conversation with the designer Ultz on the set of Goodbye To All That at the Royal Court. We are planning to discuss the designer's role especially in a new writing theatre . I am really looking forward to a frank … [Read more...]