Carmen la Cubana

Right in the middle of an exhausting but hopefully rewarding tec period for this Cuban musical in Paris. Based on the workshop from 2014 with 14 cuban dancers, 9 principals, 10 ensemble, 3 children and a 14 piece cuban band on stage it is going to be quite a phenomenon. The energy levels in the rehearsals and for the sitzprobe have been amazing. It all takes place in a grand ruined havana salon, of course inspired directly from my trip to Cuba for the workshop. First show 6th April.what a journey !

here is a video of the highlights of what has turned out to be a huge hit in Paris thanks to the massive efforts of the whole team

Carmen La Cubana, Theatre du Chatelet 2016

Carmen La Cubana, Theatre du Chatelet 2016

2016-03-29 19.33.05


  1. Stephen Solley says

    Saw it in Paris last week. A great show around a great set. Should come to London, possibly ENO?

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