Credit The Artists

There has been a building campaign by many designers led by Tom Scutt, to try and get the organisations we work for to properly credit the designer and the creative collaborators when using images from shows on social media etc. Musicians and … [Read more...]

The Tower Remembers

Beyond the Deepening Shadow  Back in the moat of the Tower of London and faced with the challenge from Deborah Shaw of how to mark the end of the centenary year of the end of the first world war. I have been on an extraordinary journey with … [Read more...]

Carmen returns

It's back at Sadlers Wells and then on tour through Germany. The production began life in Cuba before it  opened in 2016 in  Theatre du Chatelet Paris. Here are some great pictures by Deborah … [Read more...]

Miss Littlewood

 Just recovering from the emotional journey of putting on this wonderful show. I know it is normal to get involved in one's work, but something about the open heartedness of Sam Kenyon's words and music and the way Erica Whyman worked with the … [Read more...]

Long Days Journey

After the whirling challenge of the multi locational Great Wave at the NT it was refreshing to take on the singular challenge of creating the Tyrone household for O'Neill's great play at the Citizens. The clue is in the title , a long journey through … [Read more...]

The Great Wave

This has been an epic tale, in a smallish space, that has pushed my ethos of creating simple and evocative spaces to the  limit. Francis Turnly's play was three years in development and always multi locational, as we worked on it with director … [Read more...]

Stephanie Arditti

A lovely obituary here from Bunny Christie for Steph who was a wonderful costume supervisor. We never worked directly with each other, but I spent many hours with her and Jan Bench (a supervisor I do work with often) on trains to and from Stratford … [Read more...]

2018 Year of Collaborations

This is turning into an amazing year of collaborations with so many of my close directorial colleagues asking me to do several projects each, how can I say no ! So with Michael Boyd, after Open House and Cherry Orchard, I will be doing Tamburlaine, … [Read more...]

Cherry orchard in the round

It is great to go back to this classic text, as it is play I know well having designed it many years ago at Nottingham playhouse, but it was intriguing to see how Rory Mullarkey (writer) and Michael Boyd (direction)would approach the play. It is … [Read more...]

Open House

Another compelling new play received its UK premiere at the Ustinov Bath and now transferring to The Print Room at The Coronet in Notting Hill. Michael Boyd has directed and we worked with Madeleine Girling as costume designer. For what appears to be … [Read more...]